Do Your Laundry Like A Pro: 9 Steps To Hassle Free Laundry

Kids home from school? It may be the perfect time for a continuing education course: Laundry 101.

Think of it in terms of their future growth skills. After all, we learned, although it was usually by trial and error. Come to think of it, we could probably use a few tips ourselves. Let the laundry education commence! Our Barrie appliance professionals have some tips for hassle free laundry.

Read the Label

The fabrics on the market today were probably conceived in a lab instead of a cotton field. The good news is they come with owner’s manuals, ie. labels. Can your sweater be machine washed? Does your shirt need the permanent press cycle? Will that red blouse bleed all over the rest of your laundry? It’s all there on those tiny little labels. Pull out your reading glasses because this is important stuff.

Birds of a Feather

Sort those clothes into like piles. Hand wash, wash separately, darks, whites, permanent press…when they co-mingle in the washer, you’re asking for trouble. Unless you like snazzy tie-dye underwear, that is.

Pre-Treat or Spot Clean

Got a stubborn stain? Pre-treat it! Make sure what you are using is appropriate for your fabric. Refer to the “read the label” section.

Choose the Load Size

Why waste water when you only have a small load? The load size setting on your washing machine will give you the correct water level for the amount of items you’re washing.

Load the Washer

Load each item one at a time. Clothes need room to circulate and move in the water. If you put crammed clothing in, you get crammed clothing out…and dirty clothing. Protect the look and finish of your clothes from looking old and washed out by turning them inside out.

Choose Your Cycle

There are reasons they have all those settings on the washing machine. Unless you have some heavy duty dirt on your clothes, cool water works well on most fabrics and can prevent many laundry disasters. The exceptions are cotton items like towels and sheets that may need warm or hot water to remove body oils. These are usually safe to wash in your highest temperature setting.

Choose a Detergent

An all-purpose detergent should do the trick. Despite all the claims on their commercials, laundry detergents are pretty much the same. The difference is how much to use. Read the instructions before dumping in the detergent. More is not always better.

Unload the Washer

Remove washed clothes as soon as possible after the washer stops. This will help prevent wrinkles and that mildew smell that can happen when wet laundry has been sitting there too long.

Time to Dry!

Now, you go back to that label reading part because drying is a whole different set of instructions.

Never fear. When the kids are home from school, think of this as furthering their higher education. And this frees up time for you to do something you really love. Like taking a nap.

Is your washing machine broken? It may be time to call in a professional. Let the Barrie appliance repair experts at Rapid Appliance Repair help. We can get that washing machine up and working in no time. Definitely before junior goes back to school!

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