5 Questions To Ask When Choosing A New Refrigerator

It is hard to choose a new refrigerator. There are newer models, different styles, new colors and exciting features. It is a major purchase and you want to choose one that is going to work best for you. There are five questions you will want to ask when choosing your new fridge. Here is a list to help you get started:

Space is Important

You will not want to do a complete kitchen remodel, so the space you have is very important. Knowing how much space you have determines what size refrigerator you will need. Replacing the refrigerator you have makes it simple. Measure the old fridge and buy one the same size. Maybe you have excess space above and around the old fridge, you could choose a taller model or a wider model, if you want.


Budget is a huge part of purchasing a major appliance such as a new refrigerator. There are basic options on lower priced fridges. If you choose to purchase armoire model, stainless steel or smart technology fridges this could cut into a budget.

Consider Color

Colors, such as black or white appliances are generally more cost friendly than stainless steel appliances. If you are replacing a refrigerator you will want it to match your other appliance colors. It can also save you money on appliances to match them, allowing you to add more features.


So you have the space, price and colors all decided on you can begin to think of features that you feel are important. Today you will find mote features than ever before. You can choose fast-cool compartments, reversible doors, child safety lock features, smart fridges and energy efficient controls. If you entertain a lot, French door fridges are an option, and they are better for people who have a hard time bending over and keeps most food at your fingertips.If you love in-door water and ice dispenser then you would really like a side by side refrigerator. These features are found more often in this type of refrigerator. If there is any malfunction, it is best to call in the appliance repair expert in Whitby.

Energy Efficient

New model refrigerators are more energy efficient than older models. If you want to save money on your energy bills you will want to seek fridges that have an Energy Star rating, which is a government issued energy standard. These five questions are the ones you will want to keep in mind when you are looking for your next, best fridge.