5 Simple Hints To Keeping Your Fridge Operating At Its Best This Summer

Your refrigerator gets a workout during the summer and if it’s struggling, you may see that reflected in your energy bills. Here are some simple things you can do to keep your fridge and freezer working at their peak performance during those hot summer months.

Keep It Away From the Heat

This may seem like common sense but the fact is most homeowners keep their fridge in exactly the same spot it was when they moved into the house. This may mean that it was not given much functional consideration at the time it was installed.

If your fridge is next to a high heat source such as your range or oven, it may be overcompensating for that heat and working harder than it needs to. This also goes for a fridge that may be standing in direct sunlight in the kitchen.

Clean the Condenser Coils

The coils at the back or underside of your fridge help remove heat from the unit. But when they are covered with dust, they simply can’t do their job efficiently.

Cleaning your coils is as simple as taking an appliance bristle brush with a long handle or your vacuum hose every six months to get rid of that dust residue that may have accumulated. It’s also important to make sure that your fridge has enough space around it in order for air to circulate and move that warm air away from your unit.

De-clutter Your Fridge

Why is this important? It’s as simple as time management. When you know where everything is inside the fridge, you won’t spend needless time with the door open looking for things. Keeping your refrigerator door closed is the best way to keep the cold air inside where it belongs.

Clean or Replace the Seals

Another way your refrigerator may be losing cold air and working overtime is if you have old, dirty, or worn rubber seals around the door. These seals keep your fridge airtight and when they become old or dirty, the door won’t have that airtight seal.

Switch the Power-Saver Switch Off

Many refrigerators come with an energy saver switch. Check your owner’s manual to see if your fridge is equipped with one.

This is a switch that turns a small heater near the door seals on and off. These small heaters reduce condensation and mold growth but if you keep your home air-conditioned in the summer, you generally won’t need this. If you see condensation forming, you can switch it on again.

Check the Thermostat

Setting the thermostat of your fridge up a couple of degrees can translate to substantial savings on your energy bill. Your refrigerator has a functional range of 36-38°F. Keep yours at the top of that range for better energy efficiency and your food will still stay fresh.

When you are experiencing issues with your refrigerator or any of your household appliances, call the Whitby appliance repair experts at Rapid Appliance Repair. We can get your fridge working properly again typically in one short service call.