6 Unconventional Uses For Your Dishwasher

It’s summer…time for paper plates and plastic forks. Cooking on the grill frees up the kitchen and the whole family is outside enjoying the fresh air. Ahhhhhh…. But have you considered that your dishwasher may be feeling neglected? Never fear! Your dishwasher does more than wash those yucky dishes, anyway. Here are some ways you can employ your handy dishwasher that have nothing to do with dishes!

Dishwasher Cooking

Yes, we know that the grill is the cooking appliance du jour of the summer. But consider the cooking capabilities of your dishwasher. You heard right. How about no-fuss poached salmon ala dishwasher? Place some salmon fillets on a piece of heavy-duty foil. Drizzle with some lemon juice, olive oil, and dill. Fold the foil over your salmon and pinch the foil tightly to seal. Place the salmon on the top rack and run a normal cycle. Do up another foil package of sliced potatoes and put them in the dishwasher next to the salmon. Voila! Dinner is served!

Wash Your Baseball Caps

You know what they look like after the washing machine. All lopsided and floppy. Your baseball caps deserve better. Place them on the top rack of the dishwasher and run a normal cycle. Perfectly shaped caps, every time! This works for all that smelly sports gear as well. Shin guards, knee pads…use your imagination and throw them all in.

Speaking of Sports Stuff

You know how stinky those rubber soled shoes can get? There are simply no words for the aroma these things give off. Unless they have leather uppers, put put them on the top rack and run them through a cycle with some baking soda and — ta ta! The stink is gone!

Clean, Disinfected Toys!

Your neighbor’s kids just came over — with colds. And they put their germy little hands all over your precious children’s toys. While you are busy disinfecting your precious ones and feeding them Vitamin C, put the toys in the dishwasher for some bacteria zapping action. Fido’s toys work as well.

Speaking of Germs

Did you know that the normal toothbrush is a breeding ground for nasty bacteria? Ditto for your kitchen sponge. Run them through a dishwasher cycle and no more bacteria cooties!

Your Tools Deserve a Good Washing

Hammers, screwdrivers, garden tools…you know they get grimy with dirt and grease. Car parts? Yes, you heard it here! Your dishwasher is the perfect de-griming bath. Just make sure the ones on the top rack don’t hang down and get in the way of the dishwasher sprayer arm.

Maybe the reason your dishwasher is feeling neglected is because it isn’t working. That is easy as well. Call your Barrie appliance repair experts at Rapid Appliance Repair for a quick and affordable dishwasher repair.