Benefits And Drawbacks Associated With Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

All products have their good points and their bad points. In that respect, appliances are like all the other products on the market. The wise shopper understands how to weigh the appliance’s benefits against its drawbacks. Most shoppers find that creating a list of the appliance’s good and bad points helps.

Benefits enjoyed by owner of a refrigerator with a bottom freezer

More space for storage of frozen foods. Items on the shelves are easier to find. In addition, none of freezer space gets sacrificed for installation of an ice maker. The appliance’s ice maker has been placed in a top compartment.
The adults and children that reach into the bottom freezer do not struggle to dig out the item that they intend to thaw and eat. Generally, all the stored foods are easy-to-reach. There may be rare exceptions; those are mentioned in the list of drawbacks.
Not all cold foods need to be stored at the same temperature. Bottom freezers have been designed to accommodate the temperature requirements of various foods. Snacks can be placed on a drawer that slides out from the space just above the freezer.
In addition, the temperature of that same drawer can be altered, so that it might be transformed into an ideal spot for storing beverages. That transformative feature can delight both the younger and older members of a family. Children can reach in and grab a drink. Parents can arrange to stock that one shelf with plenty of healthful drinks.

Weigh these drawbacks against each known benefit

The family that wants to enjoy the conveniences associated with a bottom freezer refrigerator should be willing to cover the added cost of that same appliance. Of all the refrigerators on the market, those that hold frozen items in a bottom compartment rank as one of the more expensive types, out of all the ones currently produced by various manufacturers.
Finally, consider the drawback that was mentioned briefly above. There are times when it becomes difficult to reach down into that deep compartment and dig out a large frozen item, such as a turkey. Of course, most families plan to have a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving Day, and not on a weekly or monthly basis.
Still, there are certain medical conditions that could make a shopper think twice before buying an appliance that forced family members to bend over, in order to retrieve some frozen package. For example, any family members with back problems should not be forced to carry out that specific action. Thus, bottom freezers can be ruled out for such families. A regular refrigerator might be the right decision. Additionally, if there is any malfunction don’t try to do it on your own, but call on an appliance repair expert in Barrie.