Cut Down On Appliance Repairs With Preventive Maintenance

Like any other machinery or mechanical system, preventive maintenance makes sense to ensure that it is working properly and efficiently. The same holds true for your household appliances.

Your major appliances work hard on a daily basis and can fall into disrepair without some simple maintenance. Here are some things you can do to make sure your appliances are working at their most efficient.

Your Refrigerator

The best way to keep your refrigerator working at its best is to make sure it is clean both inside and outside. This means removing any dust from the coils and grill underneath to increase airflow. Door seals should be kept clean and repaired if damaged or old. The drip tray for your ice dispenser should be cleaned every few months. Keep your freezer uncluttered, well ventilated, and frost free.

Your Dishwasher

Many dishwashers have a filter system that can trap food during the wash cycle. This filter should be checked and cleaned periodically so you aren’t circulating old food in your washer. Mineral deposits from hard water can accumulate inside the dishwasher spray arm. These can be cleaned easily with a toothpick. Running a dishwasher cleaner periodically can help keep the inside of your dishwasher clean.

Your Oven

The interior of your oven should be cleaned several times a year to keep spills down. Clean the racks separately if yours is a self-cleaning oven. Replace all bulbs and clean the oven window so it won’t be necessary to open the oven door to check on what you are cooking needlessly.

Your Washer

Your washer, particularly a front-loading one, requires care. Because of the moist atmosphere, your washer can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. There are cleaners particularly designed for washers but running a hot load with a cup of bleach can also be helpful in keeping bacteria down. Keep the door ajar to reduce buildup of moisture.

Make sure seals and dispensers are kept clean. Also, make sure you are using the correct detergent for your machine as the wrong detergent can lead to more bacteria by not getting properly rinsed out. Make sure not to overload your washer as this can lead to wear and malfunction.

Your Dryer

Your dryer’s lint trap can be one of the most dangerous fire hazards in your home. Make sure to clean it after every load and make sure the venting system is clean as well. Keep your dryer well ventilated so hot air does not build up.

By keeping your household appliances properly maintained, you can ensure that they are working at their most efficient and cut down on unnecessary repairs. And when you need the occasional appliance repair in Cambridge, call the company you can trust with all of your appliances. At Rapid Appliance Repair, we also have preventive maintenance programs. Call us today to find out more.