Guide For Repairing A Leaking Refrigerator

If you find that your refrigerator has started to leak, do not feel that you have to call an expert at fridge repairs. You should first seek an answer to the questions shared with readers of this article. Each question highlights the possible source of a leak. More importantly, a leak at any of those sources can be fixed with a minimum amount of effort.

Does the refrigerator’s door seal well?

Do you know how to test that seal? Get a dollar bill and place it on your fridge’s seal; then close the door. Pull on the bill. Does it come out easily? If it does, then your seal needs to be cleaned. Wash the seals with soapy water; then dry them. After the seals are dry, you should apply a thin layer of lubricant. Use Vaseline or some similar substance.

Is the drain pan in good condition?

Every refrigerator has a drain pan. It is located at the bottom of the appliance. The manufacturer knows that some water will be created, as your fridge carries out its most useful function. Locate that drain pan. See if it has any cracks. Has it been damaged in some other way? If it is cracked or damaged, you need to buy a replacement. Contact a business that sells refrigerators and learn how you can obtain that necessary part.

Is anything clogging the defrost drain?

The water that drains from the appliances defrost can contain tiny particles, or even larger bits of debris. That debris can clog the draining unit. In addition, that same unit can get clogged with ice. You must check the defrost drain. Get hold of the manual that came with your refrigerator and learn where that draining unit is located. Take it out and inspect it. If necessary, remove anything that has impeded the unit’s performance.
While appliance repair expert in Cambridge are taking care of that particular part, take the time to check on the operation of another component. Have a look at your fridge’s ice maker. Pay close attention to the water line in that ice maker. If it were to come lose, that could cause water to start leaking onto the floor.
Is it time to get a quote?
If none of the above tricks have helped you to put an end to the leaking, you probably need to get a quote from an expert at repair work. Still, you should not go after that quote until you have a complete understanding of the problem. You must be sure that the leaking liquid is water and not a refrigerant. Once you know for sure what substance is leaking from your fridge, you can contact an expert at repairs.