Know About The Variants of Garbage Disposal Units

If you own your home and you have an in-sink garbage disposal system, you may not be getting the most out of your unit. Below, you will find those basic tips to help you get the most out of your unit and familiarize yourself with what your unit can do for you. Getting the most out of your unit is also getting the most out of your money, and who doesn’t want that?

In-sink Garbage Disposal Basics

If your unit is an in-sink garbage disposal unit, these models are easy to work and understand. There is not much to say that you don’t already know. These types of units are simply designed. They feature a flat plate that has small rotating steel mashing units attached with an inner disposal wall that has teeth-like features to help grind the food down to the size it needs to be in order to go on down the drain.

Types of Garbage Disposals

The most commonly used disposal unit is the continuous unit that will work at the flip of the switch. When food goes into the unit, you will flip the switch on, and the mashers will help to feed the food against the teeth of the inside of the wall and then shred it in order to fit into the spinning plate inside. There is a rubber shield that is located at the top of the disposal unit and will help the food to go down into the unit quickly, getting rid of the waste immediately.

Need To Find A Pro For Your Garbage Disposal?

Batch feed garbage disposals: The batch feed option of the disposal unit is exactly what your kitchen needs in order to eliminate the food that wasn’t eaten for dinner.
Dishwasher Garbage Disposals: Some units will fit in with the dishwasher. They are not separated from the dishwasher; they grind up the food within the dishwasher. They are found inside of the dishwasher unit or you are able to simply connect them to the dishwashing unit and to your garbage disposal unit.
It is easy to jam up the garbage disposal unit with something that is solid or tough. If something hits against the plate that is spinning and doesn’t break down, it could cost you your garbage disposal unit. You will want to call in the appliance repair expert in Cambridge to turn off the unit and try to retrieve what is not going down before turning your unit back on again.
If you have a stinky smelly unit, cut the rind off of a lemon and thrown it down into the garbage disposal unit. This will not only eliminate the stinky odors already in the system but it will also provide a fresh smell every time you turn the unit on for a while. Get in the habit of doing this once a week to keep your disposal smelling fresh always.