Natural Ways To Clean Your Stovetop

Stovetops can be some of the dirtiest and most-used surfaces in our kitchens. Regular spills and heating means that any dirt on your stovetop is likely to be baked on, and very difficult to remove. Nothing takes away from the look of your kitchen, or the appeal of dinner like a disgusting stovetop, but many people are hesitant to clean using the heavy-duty chemicals needed to remove baked-on food. But, when it comes to cleaning your stove top effectively and safely, you have some options!

Cleaning your Stove a Different Way

Modern stove tops come in a variety of finishes, most of which are intended to be stainless and easy to clean. But, any messy chef knows that anything spilled on a hot oven surface is quick to turn into a baked-on mess. That said, you don’t need to invest in any extreme or toxic chemicals to get that stubborn dirt clean. Here are a few alternatives for cleaning your stovetop:

Hot Water: One cleaning tool that we all often forget about is the might of boiling water. Even free of soap and other additives, boiling water can help to break up stains and move them away. To clean your stovetop with hot water, simply boil a kettle of water, and carefully pour it onto the top – avoiding the burners. The boiling water will help to rehydrate baked food, making it easy to scrub away, and leaving no toxic residues behind.

Baking Soda and Vinegar: Both baking soda and vinegar are wonderful products to help clean your stove top naturally, together or separately. Baking soda can be combined with vinegar, and a bit of salt to create a bubbling, scrubbing, all natural cleaner. Vinegar alone is also very potent for removing stains. You can simply pour some vinegar into a washcloth, and allow the acidity to help remove the baked-on stains by breaking down their bonds.

Oils: Counterintuitively, a bit of oil is something you can use to help clean your stovetop. If you have stubborn, baked on food stains that you simply can’t remove, adding a bit of oil can help loosen and lubricate the food, making it extremely easy to remove.

Peroxide: For anyone who loves to clean, and loves to avoid heavy chemicals, hydrogen peroxide is a wonderful cleaning agent. Peroxide is especially helpful if previous food debris has left behind a stain.

A Safe, Clean Stovetop

No one wants to cook or eat in a kitchen that looks dirty, but no one wants to be exposed to the harsh chemicals that are often promoted for cleaning our ovens. Now that you know a number of natural, safe and easy ways to approach cleaning your stove, you’ll be able to keep your stovetop clean and gleaming, without risking any exposure to harsh chemicals and cleaners. As a bonus, your oven is likely to last longer, look better, and heat to a more even temperature. And if there is any malfunction or failure to operate it, call in the appliance repair experts in Barrie.