6 Unconventional Uses For Your Dishwasher

It’s summer…time for paper plates and plastic forks. Cooking on the grill frees up the kitchen and the whole family is outside enjoying the fresh air. Ahhhhhh…. But have you considered that your dishwasher may be feeling neglected? Never fear! Your dishwasher does more than wash those yucky dishes, anyway. Here are some ways you can employ your handy dishwasher that have nothing to do with dishes! (more…)

How To Choose A Carbon Monoxide Detector?

As a shopper, do not assume that all carbon monoxide detectors function in pretty much the same way. In fact, there are three types of such detectors. The most basic type carries out just two functions. It detects the harmful and odorless gas, and then it sets off an alarm. That basic type will only function if it has been placed in a room with a smoke detector. A second type provides the user with two-fold security. It performs two different jobs: detecting smoke and detecting carbon monoxide (CO). (more…)