Shall I Buy Top Load Or Front Load Washer?

When you need to buy a new washer, there is a constant debate about whether the top load or front load washer is better. Here is some important information on the different variants of washers to help you take the right decision.

Understand the differences

The basic difference is that you load the clothes from the top or front but the key difference is in the way the washers wash the clothes. In the top load machine, the drum is equipped with agitator poles and these move the clothes around to clean it. In the new HE washers, top load washing machines, there are plates at the bottom that work as agitators to clean the clothes by tossing them around. Conversely, front load washers have drums that’s pin and rotate to clean the clothes. This method is closer to the manual washing of clothes.

Key factors to consider

Affordability and price: Top load washers are comparatively cheaper than front load. This is because they come with just the basics and have no extra settings. However, though front load washers are more sophisticated, these machines need more power and oftentimes, turn out dryer clothes. However, in the long run, the front load washers turns-out to be more cost effective.
Use of water: Average top load washers use 30 gallons of water as compared to the 13 gallons used by front load washers. However, the high efficiency top load washing machines are down to 17 gallons per wash. However, you will need to check the Energy Star label on the washer before you buy.
Power to clean: If you compare both, the winner is the front load washers. They are able remove more stains and have less wear and tear on the clothes. The difference in the drums, speed of spinning and tossing contributes to it.
Capacity: When you compare the capacity of the drum in both variants of the washer, it can be seen that the front load washers have higher capacity as there is no agitator in the drum. This allows you to wash more clothes without the chance of overloading. Additionally, if you are looking to stack the washer and dryer, then the front load is your best option, as loading and controls are in the front. However, not all washers can be stacked, so ask before you buy.
If you are still trying to decide which the best washer for you is, the fact remains that you need to look at your budget, individual washing requirements and the advantages or disadvantages of each variant before you buy. In case, you need expert recommendation on the best brand to buy, talk with the appliance repair specialist in Whitby.