Steps To Take When A Top Loader Will Not Fill With Water

Even the best laundry detergent cannot clean garments and linens, if a washer’s tub has not become filled with water. Every molecule of detergent contains one end that picks up dirt and oil and one end that dissolves in water. For that reason, a dependable troubleshooter should know what parts of the appliance control the tub-filling process. By understanding that process, the troubleshooter can do a better job of fixing any failure of the tube to fill with water.
By responding to signals from electric solenoids, a water inlet valve controls the starting and ending of the period during which water flows into the washer’s tub. The electric solenoids operate under the control of a timer and a control board. At the same time, a water level selector, which is also called a pressure switch, plays a role in the tub-filling operation.

Steps to take, when searching for the source of the problem

Unplug the washer. If the machine keeps filling, the valve is defective. If it stops filling, which means that must be a problem in the electrical circuit.
Check the hose that extends out from the pressure switch. See if it has any cracks or worn areas. Are there any obstructions in the same hose?
Study the inlet hole on the pressure switch. Can you see any debris blocking that same hole?
Perform a continuity test on the pressure switch. If you are not familiar with the test, go online and search for an instructional video.

Signs that you may need to contact a professional repair technician

If none of the above steps reveal the source of the problem that would suggest that the defect exists within the electrical circuit. Remember, too, that some of the components have not yet been examined. Maybe there is something wrong with the electric solenoids, the timer or the control board.
If the pressure switch fails the continuity test that should send a message. That test result indicates that the pressure switch must be replaced. Arrange for a professional technician to install that specific component. The same appliance repair technician in Barrie must be contacted, if you have to replace the solenoids, the timer or the control board.
If you do find the problem, and you do complete the necessary correction, recall your first step. You unplugged the washer, so that you could inspect all the possible places where something might be wrong. Be sure that you plug the washing machine back in its appropriate outlet, before you try washing another load of clothes. Be cautious when carrying out that task. Be sure that your hands do not contain any of the water that you hope to be adding to the washer’s tub.