Ways To Fix A Fridge That Leaks

If you have a refrigerator that leaks, the first thing you will most likely want to do is to call a repairman that specializes in fixing refrigerators. You will most likely want to call someone because you don’t feel as though you possess the skills needed to fix the refrigerator yourself. A leaking refrigerator is also a sign that something isn’t right. Before you call an appliance repair expert in Barrie, try the following tips below to see if you can fix the problem yourself first. These tips are easy to do and will rule out the simplest of issues.

Make Sure Your Fridge is Properly Sealed

The most common problem with leaking refrigerators is that they are simply over-packed or that the seal is too old to hold anymore. A refrigerator runs constantly and over time, this will build up extra condensation that lays on the coils. This will then drip off slowly and cause pooling of water on the floor. The first thing you can do before calling a repairman is to check the rubber seal that goes all the way around the door. If you encounter a problem on the seal, use warm soapy water and then apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on it. Shut the door and see if it works. If it doesn’t work, you may need to replace the gaskets. While you are checking out your fridge, you may want to adjust the legs on your unit to ensure that the refrigerator is tilted a little bit toward the back. If the unit leans forward, this can be hard on the seal of the door.

Check the Drain Pan

The drain pan is designed to catch the access moisture of the fridge. Over time, if the unit has a lot of moisture, it will most likely drip into this drain pain. If the drain pan is never emptied, it may finally overflow and this could be the reason you are seeing a puddle of water from underneath the fridge.

Check the Defrost Drain

Most modern units will come with automatic defrost. Gone are the days where you chiseled and chopped at the thick crusty ring of ice that eventually took over the inside if it wasn’t handled in time. Auto defrosts are a great invention to the refrigerator. When the defrost button is on, the water will flow into the defrost drain pan. Unfortunately, if there is a little debris inside the unit when it does this part, it could become clogged. You can use the refrigerator manual to help you locate this drain and follow the steps necessary to unclog it. Always remember to unplug the unit before working on it.

Check Your Ice Maker for Leaks

If your unit features an ice maker, you may be seeing that puddle of water because this feature is not working correctly. In order to make ice, this unit will need a constant water line attached to it. This could work loose over time and water could end up on the floor instead of your ice maker. Tightening up the connections leading to the icemaker could solve the issue.