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Dryer Repair

Our clothes dryers save us an incredible amount of time and work when you consider what their primary function is. Instead of the time-consuming effort involved in hanging your laundry and other items on a clothesline to dry, we can attend to other household tasks while our clothes dryers quickly and efficiently dry them. Yet while they perform such an important function in many Barrie or Whitby homes today, they are oftentimes taken for granted until they stop working the way we expect them to. And that creates chaos.

As with other appliances in the home, your clothes dryer is not immune to the problems that result from normal wear and tear. That is why so many customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario have relied on the Rapid Appliance Repair experts for clothes dryer repair services for so many years now. Not only do we have the most extensive line of repair services in the industry today, we provide appliance installation services and customizable preventative maintenance plans.

We Repair Electric and Gas Dryers

Whether you have an electric clothes dryer in your Whitby, Cambridge or Barrie home or one that operates on gas (natural or propane), our factory trained and certified technicians have the skills and expertise to work on either. The life expectancy of the average electric clothes dryer is about 14 to 15 years while the average gas dryer lasts between 13 and 14 years. In many cases, we are able to extend the lifespan of these appliances with a customizable preventative maintenance plan. This is tailored to the specific needs of your household and helps keep appliances safe.

Signs indicating the need for Clothes Dryer Repair

Depending on the particular brand name, make, model, and type of dryer that you have, the Rapid Appliance Repair service experts can diagnose the problem quickly. We will recommend the right solution and provide the required repairs. We can fix all types of problems including:

Appliance makes loud unusual noises

Clothing comes out too hot because of overheating

Clothing is still damp after completing the average drying cycle

Drum doesn’t tumble

Dryer doesn’t heat up to the desired temperature setting

Dryer doesn’t turn on

If you’ve recently noticed any of these warning signs or a combination of thereof, it may be time to consider calling us for clothes dryer repair services in Whitby.

Helpful Home Maintenance Tips

While there are certain repair tasks that should only be handled by the professionals at Rapid Appliance Repair , there are a number of helpful home maintenance tips that you can follow at home. This includes cleaning out the lint trap regularly and ensuring that the venting hose or tube is free of any clogs. For more helpful information about our clothes dryer repair services in Cambridge or discuss your needs for a preventative maintenance service plan, contact Rapid Appliance Repair today. Call us today!