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Garbage Disposal Repair

Without a doubt, garbage disposals have been one of the most outstanding innovations in small kitchen appliances. Consequently, most homes in the Cambridge area are equipped with these amazing machines. Garbage disposals provide a quick, efficient means for disposing of food waste and keeping it from smelling up our garbage. So when yours malfunctions or quits working completely, the company you can trust for trustworthy garbage disposal repair services is Rapid Appliance Repair .

2 Key Environmental Benefits

It’s important to understand that the way in which the food waste is disposed of benefits our environment in two distinct ways:

First and foremost, it prevents food waste from getting into our landfills where it creates greenhouse gases through the process of decomposition.

Secondly, food waste is carried through our sewer systems (provided you have access) to wastewater treatment plants where organic solids are harvested and converted into fertilizer.

Another important benefit of having a garbage disposal in your Cambridge or Barrie home is that it actually helps to protect your plumbing by keeping that food waste from clogging your drain pipes. When this happens, it’s almost certain that you will have to hire a plumber to fix the problem. That’s why it is so important to have our Rapid Appliance Repair garbage disposal repair technicians perform regularly scheduled maintenance and service on this appliance.

Garbage Disposal Repair Services

Carefully screened and monitored, each of the technicians working with us is licensed and insured. This adds to the credibility of our company as you are sure, we hire only the best in the industry. Our repair service technicians are highly skilled and trained at repairing the two primary types of garbage disposals which are:

Batch feed disposals – ideal for homes with children and homeowners who prefer additional safety measures; batch feed disposals must be covered and have their lid engaged in order to operate them thereby requiring additional time to set them up

Continuous feed disposals – food waste is contained within the unit by virtue of a rubber baffle or shield that enables the disposal to operate more quietly; continuous feed disposals are operated by turning an accessory or wall switch on and off

Furthermore, if you have noticed any of the problems with your appliance that we have listed here, it may be time to call Rapid Appliance Repair for garbage disposal repair service in Barrie:

No power is getting to the disposal

The device is leaking in more than one area

The disposal is very noisy

The drain is clogged

There appears to be a clog or jam in the appliance

No matter what problem you are having, our repair technicians can quickly identify the cause and recommend the right solution. Plus, we only install genuine replacement parts such as baffles and lids, blades, flanges, gaskets and seals, lugs, and tubing. For more information regarding garbage disposal repair service in Whitby, please call Rapid Appliance Repair at your earliest convenience.