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Microwave Repair

Many homeowners in Whitby, Cambridge and the surrounding area enjoy the convenience that their microwave ovens provide. As one of the more common kitchen appliances found in homes throughout Canada and the US, this amazing appliance helps us to prepare hot foods and re-heat leftovers quickly and efficiently. Through the use of radiation, these appliances offer an efficient use of electrical power. So when yours breaks down or doesn’t work properly, you should call the professionals at Rapid Appliance Repair for the highest-quality microwave repair services and maintenance.

A Job for Professionals ONLY

DIY appliance repair is rarely recommended depending on the severity of the problem you are experiencing. This is especially true when trying to decide between DIY and professional repair of your microwave oven. There are three reasons to consider the hiring of a professional repair technician versus DIY repair as follows:

Cost factors – while paying for professional repair services in Cambridge and Whitby is inevitable, it is very cost-effective in the long run when you consider how preventative maintenance on your microwave oven can save you money on future repairs and your utility bills. DIY repair may be ineffective, not to mention the fact that you could cause more problems that would lead to more expensive repairs.

Potential damage – microwave repair requires the use of special tools that the average DIY’er may not have access to. Using the wrong tools can increase the risk of potential damage to the microwave itself. Even if dust particles manage to get into the certain areas, you could cause certain electrical issues that are not only expensive to repair but dangerous if you lack the proper experience and expertise.

Your health – last but certainly most important, microwave ovens like cellular phones use radiation to cook and reheat your food. Because of this fact, these appliances are manufactured and assembled with the user’s safety in mind. Consequently, unless you have been trained and certified in all facets of microwave repair, you could risk being exposed to radiation.

What is the point in putting yourself and your family members at risk when you could just as easily contact Rapid Appliance Repair to identify the problem and recommend the right repair solution?

Look for the Warning Signs

If you have noticed that your foods aren’t heating properly, the turntable isn’t revolving, or that the microwave simply isn’t working you should consider calling a technician out to your home. The same holds true if you see sparking in the interior or the touch pad only works intermittently. For more information regarding microwave repair services in Whitby, Barrie and the surrounding areas or to discuss having a customizable preventative maintenance plan tailored to your household needs call Rapid Appliance Repair at your earliest convenience. We’ll be right over and help you get the appliance running quickly. Schedule an appointment today.