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Refrigerator Repair

Of all the appliances in your Cambridge or Whitby home, or any other household throughout the Greater Toronto Area, your refrigerator is considered one of the more important ones, if not the most important. As a multifunctional device, your refrigerator keeps your food from developing bacteria, keeps your meal ingredients from spoiling, and keeps your leftovers fresh and ready to reheat. Most importantly, the extended storage of food can be extremely beneficial to your personal health and well-being.

The Need for Repairs

Depending on the make, model, and style, the average refrigerator today has a lifespan ranging between 12 and 18 years. Eventually, daily wear and tear is going to takes its toll on the appliance and certain problems will arise. In most cases, you’ll want to call an expert refrigerator repair technician from Rapid Appliance Repair . For many years we’ve been repairing clothes dryers, dishwashers, garbage disposals, microwave ovens, ovens and ranges, and washing machines as well as refrigerators in GTA.

Our repair technicians are factory trained and certified in all aspects of appliance repair including several different types of refrigerators that include:

  • bottom freezer models

  • compact models

  • freezerless models

  • side-by-side models

  • built-in models

  • counter depth models

  • French door models

  • top freezer models

No matter what style you have in your Cambridge home, our technicians can repair it. From general maintenance to the replacement of damage or defective parts, we can fix a number of different issues including:

accumulation of water inside the refrigerator

freezer and/or refrigerator not maintaining temperature settings

ice maker malfunctioning or not working

moisture condensation on the exterior of the appliance

refrigerator has stopped working altogether

water leaking and pooling beneath the refrigerator

These are all problems that the Rapid Appliance Repair refrigerator repair technicians encounter on a regular basis as well as a number of other issues.

Installation of Genuine Replacement Parts

Our technicians will only use factory authorized genuine replacement parts whenever they’re repairing your refrigerator. Some of the more common components and parts that are regularly stocked in our repair vans include:


Condenser motors

Control modules

Defrost thermostats

Defrost timers

Door seals and switches

Evaporator fan motors

Heater assembly (defrost)

ice maker components

Replacement bulbs

starting device kits

Water filters and inlet valves

No matter what the problem is, we have the experience and expertise to provide what’s necessary for repairing your refrigerator quickly and efficiently. We understand your frustration and the importance of the appliance in the home. That is why it is essential to give us a call for more information about refrigerator repair service and maintenance in Whitby. Contact Rapid Appliance Repair today and discuss your needs with one of our knowledgeable representatives. Don’t delay the repairs but get a no obligation free quote today.