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Stove Repair

Ontario residents depend on the stoves in their homes just about every day of the week. So it’s hard to fathom what our daily lives would be like if we didn’t have one of these amazing appliances in our homes today. The ability to enjoy a home-cooked meal and spend quality time with family at the dinner table would be non-existent without them. Yet we take them for granted every time we use them. So whenever a stove breaks down or starts to malfunction, your first inclination might be to go and buy a new one.

But before you get out your checkbook, purse, or wallet, why not call Rapid Appliance Repair for stove repair and maintenance services in Barrie and Whitby. In most cases, you might only need a simple, inexpensive repair. When you consider that the cost of that repair will be a lot less than purchasing a new replacement, it makes good sense to consider the cheaper option first. Our technicians are not only factory trained and certified in all aspects of appliance repair they are extremely trustworthy.

Common Stove Repair Issues

Our technicians are familiar with issues that affect electric and gas stoves and will never recommend replacement of any one unless it is no longer financially feasible to continue repairing it. Whether you have an electric stove or one that operates with natural gas or propane, we have the experience and expertise to fix the following issues:

Burners light intermittently or won’t light at all

Ceramic stove top is cracked

Control knobs are broken

Heating elements (electric stoves) don’t work

Indicator lights remain lit

Stove doesn’t maintain temperature settings

Timer doesn’t work

The Rapid Appliance Repair maintenance and stove repair team of specialists have seen just about everything when it comes to problems with this kitchen appliance. Not only are they well-versed in this type of appliance repair, we are dedicated to identifying the problem and providing the right solution so the job is done right the first time.

Why choose Rapid Appliance Repair?

There are a number of reasons that we can give you for contacting our appliance repair service before our competitors such as flat-rate up-front pricing, flexible appointment scheduling, guaranteed parts and workmanship, and more. But more importantly, we understand how you depend daily on the appliances in your Cambridge home. So when one of them breaks down or doesn’t work properly, we can offer a prompt, cost-effective solution for your problem. Only under a rare instance that the repairs might be more expensive than buying a new appliance, the technician might suggest a replacement.

We offer customers a prompt response whenever they contact us for help and have a 98% or higher on-time arrival rate for appliance repairs in the home. If you need more information regarding stove repair services or want to discuss your preventative service and maintenance needs, we invite you to contact Rapid Appliance Repair today.